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Plastic Paving Shed Base Kit 12x11 Feet With Heavy Duty Membrane

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Plastic Paving Shed Base Kit 12x11 Feet With Heavy Duty Membrane

Shed Base grids, replacing conventional slab & stabilising gravel to create a firm ground. SIZED 85cm x 61.5cm x 3.5cm or 2 feet 9.5 x 2 feet wide- (similar to the old conventional 3x2 slabs). Designed for shed bases, greenhouse bases log cabbin bases -driveways & patios, gravel or grass grid surfaces. 

Newly landscaped areas in your garden, which can then be walked over with no disruption to the surface - suitable to travel over with bikes, prams mobility scooter vehicles, wheel chair friendly too. 

Quick & easy to install - Provides load spreading support to structures that stand on it, strong enough to take 100's of tonnes! And with our unique 25 year guarantee it also helps to prevent damp too, which will lengthen the life span of the structure its supporting & to protect driveways & paths in gravels & grass grid effect for vehicle & foot traffic to then pass over with stability. 

Stopping the grass being ruined & gravel kept tidy & flat. 

UV stable - This super  friendly product simply locks in to position with its own UNIQUE & EASY clip lock 2 STEPS - instructions come with the DIY kit.